An Introduction to Vertex AQ

Vertex AQ is a high-end hi-fi manufacturing company based in Wales, Great Britain. The company was established in 1999, when it first launched its Jaya shunt mains filter, and has steadily grown into a world leader in hi-fi systems architecture thinking. There are three main groups of products in the Vertex AQ portfolio:

  • The Vertex AQ system infrastructure products. A wide range of analogue cables, digital cables, mains leads and mains conditioners.
  • The Aletheia electronics components, with DACs and balanced mains PSU’s currently in the range, but more components are planned.
  • The JSA headphone components. Passive headphone conditioners but with headphone amps and computer audio accessories to follow soon.

Vertex AQ is also a strategic partner with Kaiser Acoustics of Germany, with both companies developing a brand called LeadingEdge, and together we produce a range of hi-fi support platforms, racks and room acoustics treatments.

Our Aims

Our aims come in two parts. First, is to deliver knowledge in the form of the Systematic Approach. This is a way of analysing a system in its total context to identify system faults, then laying out a clear, low-risk damage reduction/upgrade path.

The second aim is to deliver a coherent and scaleable product range that achieves the goals of the Systematic Approach in a viable, flexible and affordable way. Thus the process of upgrading can be done progressively and always with clear objectives to achieve fidelity, balance, resilience, and capacity in a system.

Our Design Strategy

There are three key elements to our design strategy:

  • First is that all our products are designed to work in a whole system infrastructure, with a full understanding of how each technical element and environmental influence will effect the system as a whole.
  • Second is the core technology that deals with microphony (caused by vibration) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) – it is these two damaging effects that are invariably responsible for systems under-performing.
  • Third is that our product range provides a scaleable and progressive upgrade path that is appropriate for all types of systems.

mini moncayo speaker links
simple upgrading ‘accessories’ – the mini-moncayo speaker links

psu-2 front oblique
major infrastructure components – the Aletheia balanced mains PSUs

How it Works

We suggest the first place to start, if you are new to Vertex AQ, is the Systematic Approach. Here you will find an in-depth breakdown of how systems work from the viewpoint of the system and its environment, as a complete interactive entity. It then goes on to discuss the whole system development and upgrade process, using Vertex AQ components. It also discusses some of the fundamental risks and pitfalls that lead to poor performance, and the ways to avoid those problems.

diagram 1

vertex cables in system
typical diagrams as seen in the Systematic Approach section

About this Website

This website focusses on information, and building knowledge. There are diagrams and pictures placed in the text columns throughout the technical and product sections for amplification. Diagrams will expand when you click on them. Multiple diagrams will expand into a slideshow for easy comparison.

In the product sections you will see that each type of product has an ‘about’ discussion, then all the different performance options and variants are presented in detail through a right-hand sidebar menu. You will also see that each type has a ‘specs and tech’ section where you can compare all the materials, technology options, format availability and so-on, all laid out in tables.

Of course, you will also find lots of info on dealers, reviews and a help blog too.

Achieving Great Results

The whole point of all our work is to deliver results. When customers embark on the systematic approach it very quickly brings results – often even without making any purchases. Just improving the layout of a system setup or eliminating some poor husbandry errors can produce great improvements in performance (also see our ‘free upgrades’ in the Blog). Then embarking on a sensible and progressive upgrade plan will quickly start to significantly improve the sound quality of your system.

Progressing further with the higher-performance Vertex products will bring fantastic ‘high-end’ results – but in musical terms. Your recordings become lucid, vibrant, dramatic and emotional, all sense of system limitations vanish. And adding one or two of the Aletheia components takes that forward a whole step again.