First – the Systematic Approach

The core Vertex AQ products are the means by which, at a system level, you apply the Systematic Approach. If you are new to the Vertex AQ strategy of system building, we suggest you study the Systematic Approach before looking at specific products in detail. In the Systematic Approach you will find all the discussion about preventing the faults of RFI and microphony through a system, and you will be taken through a guide to starting and upgrading with the Vertex products. You will see diagrams there such as the one below, which is showing how to reduce mains RFI noise.

Killing noise with JayasA Typical ‘Systematic Approach’ Diagram

Vertex Components

In this Components Section you can then find all the product information that goes alongside the Systematic Approach story, such as for example the Jaya mains filter shown here.

standard jayaA Standard Jaya Mains Shunt Filter

solfonn (DIN) closeup 1A Solfonn Analogue Interconnect (Stereo DIN Configuration)

In essence, the Vertex AQ range is comprised of mains conditioners of various sorts, a wide range of mains cables, speaker cables, analogue interconnects and digital interconnects, as well as some other very useful products such as grounding blocks and speaker links. And they all have varying degrees of the key Vertex technologies incorporated within them. If you have gained a good understanding about this technology from the Systematic Approach, you will then understand the specific elements that are applied in the different products.

Silver Pico with cablesA Pico Component Grounding Block

The Three Performance Levels

Generally throughout the range you will see that the different products are available in three performance levels – Standard, Silver and HiRez. But also you will see (such as with the mains leads) there are many extra variations. But it is important to stress that the priority when choosing to buy Vertex AQ products is to first take away the worst systematic faults and as many systematic faults as is possible with your investment. This is often done with more success by purchasing two or three products at the Standard level, rather than just one at the HiRez level. You may then decide to choose a few of the Silver or HiRez components for key locations in your system, such as a set of HiRez speaker leads, after you have achieved good results with a set of standard Vertex mains leads say.

HiRez Moncayo 1HiRez Moncayo Speaker Leads

Matters of Practicality

Some of the options and variants in the range are designed to help with the practicality of installing a Vertex system. And where this is most important is with the mains products. You will see that there is a variety of mains leads and shunt filters, but also the Taga distribution blocks and the Roraima Plus mains leads that can help you reduce the ‘box count’. You should examine all these options and discuss carefully with your dealer to determine the best practical way to configure your system.