Aletheia AP-60

The first stereo power amp from Vertex AQ, the Aletheia AP-60 is a solid-state class A/B design employing current feedback resulting in exceptional bandwidth and speed. It’s a simple low-noise two-stage design employing high quality components, a custom wound mains transformer and discrete component rectification.

Many amplifiers suffer from significant problems of microphony – the vibration from their large power supplies and also fed back into them from the vibration of the speakers, through the air and also down the speaker wires. This damaging process blurs timing and adds significant harshness to the sound. Also the sensitive input stage is prone to the damaging effects of RFI which reduces the tonal detail of the music signal and closes-in the soundstage. Therefore of course this amplifier also contains extensive systematic treatment with EMI and RFI reduction throughout as well as acoustic absorption modules on the mains input, the analogue signal inputs and the outputs. Also acoustic drains from the main circuitboards, to acoustic modules, further lower damaging vibration within the main amplification circuits.

The result is an amplifier with exceptional speed and clarity, but also great tonality and presence. Imaging is very wide and deep too, but the most significant gain with this amplifier design is the structural coherence of the music, no matter how complex it is.

Note: September 2016 – no pictures of the amp yet as it is currently built into an old test chassis. Shiny new casework will be coming soon!

Specs Aletheia AP-60

Solid state stereo power amplifier
Power: 60W into 8 Ohms, 120W into 4 Ohms
Output bandwidth: -3dB 1 Hz to 1.4 MHz
Dimensions 460mm x 380mm x 140mm (w x d x h)Weight 12Kg.
Power Consumption 200W