Aletheia FRS-8

The first of a new range of speakers from Vertex AQ, the Aletheia FRS-8 is a full-range, single driver floor-standing speaker. Designed for small to medium-sized rooms, it offers a footprint no larger than an average stand-mount speaker but with a closed, infinite baffle design of good internal volume that allows easy room integration for great tonal balance, clean musical bass, precise timing and excellent imaging.

frs-8-with-table-medAletheia FRS-8

The design employs an eight inch paper-cone driver with an Alnico magnet mounted in an infinite baffle (closed box) floor-standing enclosure made from the highest-quality Scandinavian birch ply. The nature of the driver enables the speaker to produce the full musical spectrum without the use of any crossover, bringing huge advantages with integration, phase accuracy and efficiency.

But for Vertex AQ, there has to be a great deal more to the design of our products than just these basics! Like any other component in the hifi chain, loudspeakers can suffer from the problems of RFI and mechanical energy pollution that results in high levels of intermodulation distortion. This problem adds tonal colourations, reduces transparency, smears timing and reduces image width and depth. So to significantly reduce these unwanted effects we have applied systematic treatments as follows:

1. The magnet housing of the driver is modified to reduce acoustic standing waves within the structure.

2. The signal wiring from the rear binding posts to the driver (high quality solid core copper wire) is sleeved with our proprietary EMI absorption tubing and passed through an EMI/acoustic absorption module to absorb RFI and vibration.
3. A thick vibration drain wire is attached to the aluminum driver cage.This wire is connected to an acoustic absorption module mounted internally on the rear panel of the speaker. Within the module the drain wire is also connected to a long bolt which protrudes from the rear of the cabinet enabling the connection of an external acoustic drain for even more performance.
4. Additional acoustic absorption modules are fitted inside the cabinet to reduce vibration energy within the main structure.
5. Cabinet bracing is designed to function as a multi-path labyrinth to break down lower-frequency structural energy.

frs-8-front-and-rear-medAletheia FRS-8, Pico attached to rear grounding post

Specs Aletheia FRS-8

Full-range single driver floor-standing speaker.
Infinite baffle with 65 litre internal volume
Alnico 8″ paper-coned driver
impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz room average response
Dimensions: height 1087mm (approx 1110mm on spikes), width 262mm, depth 342mm.
Finishes – cherry, oak, maple, others to order