So many times we see people who want to upgrade something which is reasonably good already, whilst other parts of their system are woefully inadequate. If you take cables for example, there is a strong desire to upgrade signal leads, but when the better leads get put in, there is often not much of an improvement, even though all the latest reviews say its great!

We suggest you look at things in a different way here. Is there another reason why you might not be hearing any improvements? You see, in our opinion, a transparent system will show up differences in every cable you put in. So if this is not happening, we must come to the conclusion that the system is not very transparent, and something else must be holding it back.

But if the electronics and speakers are okay on paper too, where’s the problem? Well, what’s left is the stuff outside the signal path – mains leads, mains conditioners and supports. And please be in no doubt about it, once a system gets to a certain level and these things are not of sufficient quality, they become the limiting factor, holding the system beneath a glass ceiling which just can’t be broken.

Now for experienced Vertex customers, who now benefit from fantastic levels of performance, this glass ceiling situation was almost always where they started. When they discuss their situation with their Vertex dealer (and maybe give us a call too), the dealer analyses the current system as is, but also find out what has, and has not, worked for the customer in the past. And it’s quite often this last line of discussion that reveals some of the key problems. As well as the failure to hear the difference in interconnects say, comments like “I tried a really expensive CD player last year and wasn’t impressed” are important clues. So let’s summarise the evidence here – 2 or 3 expensive products making no real difference? Glass ceiling or what!

The stuff outside the signal path, the mains leads, conditioners and supports, are the things that set the working environment for your system, and primarily, prevent the debilitating damaged caused by uncontrolled vibration and Radio Frequency Interference polluting every part of the process. Leave these things untreated and they will become the limiting factor. But if you treat the problems at their source you will break through to a whole new level of performance, even with the kit you currently own.

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