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Yushan Cable Risers in Digital Systems

A few months ago we launched our new Yushan cable risers. For those who have not already heard about them, they are a set of 100mm wooden cubes that raise your cables and hold them secure with a clamp on the top. The inside of each cube is packed with an acoustic labyrinth to break down vibrations, and our EMI absorption compounds too.

The results under mains leads and speaker leads are excellent. The sound stage opens out considerably, the performance is tighter, faster and cleaner, with lots of extra detail.

But one of our dealers has many customers with big […]

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Why digital sources sound different

During my many years of work in Vertex AQ I have gained a very clear understanding in my mind about whether digital sources can sound different or not. And yes, they do sound very different.

There are many elements to the debate. So I thought it might be worth sharing some of my experiences and conclusions.

Lets start with the good old disc spinner. A dedicated transport, or a good quality CD player. You will hear people say that transports cannot possibly sound different. They all produce the required standard spdif signal/optical output and that’s it. Data is data, end […]

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Vertex AQ USB Leads

Customers are finding that using the USB format to transfer digital data is an easy, and increasingly, a musically effective option. At Vertex we have to admit we love our Macs and DACs, and happily stream data about using USB leads. “Once you have all your music in iTunes and an iPod touch in your hand with the ‘Remote’ app, its very hard not to use it all the time”, says John Cheadle.

We have 2 performance levels of USB lead – the Standard and the HiRez. And like all the Vertex leads, the standard has the basic acoustic absorption which […]

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Vertex and Computer Audio

Computer audio is an ever increasing topic of conversation. And its a topic that quite a lot of people are rather negative about. Generally we think of computers as inferior for playing music, dispite the logic that the files, if stored and played back using a reasonable resolution format, should be as good as any other source. But why does this often prove not to be so when listening to the results?

Well, lets first assume a fundamental here, that any serious computer audio system will be employing an audiophile quality DAC. Now there are good quality sound cards out there […]

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Background Software

Software running in the background when using a computer as a streaming source, may be a serious sound quality issue.

At a show a while ago we used a Macbook Pro with Pure Music. Pure Music is a much more ‘pure’ way to output the data from a Mac. It uses iTunes for you to select your music, manage playlists etc, but when you play the music it bypasses the normal apple replay processes (buried in the depths of iTunes and the operating system) with specially designed replay software which does the job much more efficiently and in a dedicated way, […]

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