Electronic Components – Generation and Susceptibility to RFI

Recently we received an excellent question from a customer. “is there an order of priority with components, with regards to their priority of ‘treatment’, based on both their generation of RFI and their susceptibility to RFI?”

Here is our answer which is in 2 parts:

1. Firstly we can make BASIC assumptions about the types of electronics, such as what type of technology is within them, how well they will be designed etc, and therefore their likely generation and susceptibility to RFI. But everyone should note that each product from any individual manufacturer may be much more, or much less of a […]

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Amplifier Feedback

Let’s consider the amounts of feedback in your choice of power amps. Many times in the past this topic has come up with customers, and what choice they make. Is feedback an important consideration, or should they just look at the power and frequency responce figures alone?

Well in our view feedback figures are much more important than power or frequency response. If power is reasonable for the system, then its often the amount of feedback in an amplifier design that really influences the musical presentation.

When designing an amp, we can increase the amount of feedback in the circuit in order […]

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