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Radar Love by Golden Earring (free upgrade!)

We use Radar Love for test listening quite a lot at Vertex, to develop prototypes and analyse system faults. A track like this is important because it stresses a system considerably. And we only need to have a few faults in a system to turn this track into an unpleasant mess.

Let’s consider a few specific details. First the drums – how they are played and recorded. In particular the kick drum and cymbals. The kick drum has a fast double beat and often a system loses the feeling of the quick pulses of ‘air pressure’. These pulses are smack […]

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Speakers In Corners – Or Not (free upgrade!)

It’s always a significant decision. Where do you put your speakers? There are domestic issues and sound quality issues to consider. And sure, it’s always going to be a compromise.

Elsewhere in this blog we have discussed the symmetry and accuracy issues of speaker positioning. But recently I saw a very simple and effective demo by Jeremy Baldwin of The Right Note, as he explained to a audience at a show a simple way to appreciate what can happen to the tonality of your systems sound if you put your speakers right into the corners of your listening room. […]

Experimenting with Change (free upgrades!)

One of the very important aspects about all of us, as hi-fi enthusiasts, is our attitude to change and experimentation. Some people have a system that has been set-up, and then not touched in any way for years, whilst others buy and sell components on ebay with the weekly washing. Two unusual extremes of course, but in our view both of these scenarios, and most points in between for that matter, are far from beneficial for the enjoyment of music.

Vertex customers will be familiar with our Systematic Approach philosophy, whereby the whole hi-fi, the room, the mains and so on […]

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Left, Right and Central Imaging (free upgrade!)

Often an area of great confusion and debate, soundstaging and imaging is a subject that needs to be properly understood in terms of both musical presentation and hi-fi functionality. Over many years now, throughout our research and product development, we have learnt a great deal about 3D soundfield perception, the science of signal behaviour and the reproduction of signals in a stereo context.

Here let’s consider the elements of left, right and central perception. The obvious mechanism is simply a level difference between channels, but the more important one probably, is the phase difference between channels. Phase difference relates to time […]

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