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Yushan Cable Risers in Digital Systems

A few months ago we launched our new Yushan cable risers. For those who have not already heard about them, they are a set of 100mm wooden cubes that raise your cables and hold them secure with a clamp on the top. The inside of each cube is packed with an acoustic labyrinth to break down vibrations, and our EMI absorption compounds too.

The results under mains leads and speaker leads are excellent. The sound stage opens out considerably, the performance is tighter, faster and cleaner, with lots of extra detail.

But one of our dealers has many customers with big […]

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Speakers In Corners – Or Not (free upgrade!)

It’s always a significant decision. Where do you put your speakers? There are domestic issues and sound quality issues to consider. And sure, it’s always going to be a compromise.

Elsewhere in this blog we have discussed the symmetry and accuracy issues of speaker positioning. But recently I saw a very simple and effective demo by Jeremy Baldwin of The Right Note, as he explained to a audience at a show a simple way to appreciate what can happen to the tonality of your systems sound if you put your speakers right into the corners of your listening room. […]

Experimenting with Change (free upgrades!)

One of the very important aspects about all of us, as hi-fi enthusiasts, is our attitude to change and experimentation. Some people have a system that has been set-up, and then not touched in any way for years, whilst others buy and sell components on ebay with the weekly washing. Two unusual extremes of course, but in our view both of these scenarios, and most points in between for that matter, are far from beneficial for the enjoyment of music.

Vertex customers will be familiar with our Systematic Approach philosophy, whereby the whole hi-fi, the room, the mains and so on […]

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Dressing Those Cables!

The other day at Vertex Towers, we were discussing again the vital issue of cable dressing in a high-end system. Its a topic that comes up regularly, and users of Vertex cables will know that we describe cable dressing issues in the Systematic Approach, as well as in our instruction leaflets.

One reason why this was a topic of discussion again, was our experience during the Friday setup at the Heathrow Show back in March. At the show we had the new Aletheia dac-1, and the new Kaiser Vivace speakers, fitted with the upgraded Vertex crossovers – so plenty of performance […]

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Listening Height

Now that Vertex AQ is working closely with Kaiser Acoustics of Germany, we are involved in a lot more R&D across a wide range of technologies and equipment. One of these development streams has been with the Kaiser Vivace loudspeaker, for which we helped produce an enhanced crossover.

The Vivace has its ribbon tweeter mounted in a separate enclosure on top of the speaker, which brings benefits such as keeping the tweeter away from the high sound pressure levels found within the main cabinet. But this arrangement also enables a significant extra feature – the provision of an adjustment mechanism which […]

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Moving a system

When we move a complete system – litterally box it up, all the cables and everything and plonk it into a different location, it always sounds different. But also, if you pack up a system, then rebuild it back in the same room, in the same place in that room, it still sounds different!

Firstly what happens? (to the sound). Well it might get better, but it can also get worse. Often the soundstage is a different shape, often there is more clarity but also sometimes it sounds more splashy, and at other times it seems less clear with more distortion […]

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