System Upgrading

Yushan Cable Risers in Digital Systems

A few months ago we launched our new Yushan cable risers. For those who have not already heard about them, they are a set of 100mm wooden cubes that raise your cables and hold them secure with a clamp on the top. The inside of each cube is packed with an acoustic labyrinth to break down vibrations, and our EMI absorption compounds too.

The results under mains leads and speaker leads are excellent. The sound stage opens out considerably, the performance is tighter, faster and cleaner, with lots of extra detail.

But one of our dealers has many customers with big […]

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Listening Tests

When we make a change in a system and then have a listen to that change, we rush. We seem determined to come to quick judgements about the new piece of kit – is it better or worse than the item we just replaced. Some people insist on blind tests, A/B/A or what have you. But we know from our years of experience at Vertex, that when you substitute one item for another there is a lot more going on with that change than might first be apparent.

Every individual piece of equipment in a system effects the whole system. And […]

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Cables – Upgrade Outside the Signal Path First

So many times we see people who want to upgrade something which is reasonably good already, whilst other parts of their system are woefully inadequate. If you take cables for example, there is a strong desire to upgrade signal leads, but when the better leads get put in, there is often not much of an improvement, even though all the latest reviews say its great!

We suggest you look at things in a different way here. Is there another reason why you might not be hearing any improvements? You see, in our opinion, a transparent system will show up differences in […]

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Reposition those Speakers

Many times when we speak to customer’s about their general upgrading experiences, and their use of Vertex, they talk about swapping cables and supports around, plugging mains filters in and out and so on. They discuss the changes to sound quality – more detail, better imaging, better bass, sweeter treble – all the great improvements we’d expect using Vertex certainly. But every now and then we get a customer who says he gets some of the improvements as he starts to upgrade, but not all that we say he should expect. So of course we discuss this with the customer […]

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Upgrade Planning

When people start with a few pieces of Vertex AQ, they have normally spoken to a dealer and read the Vertex AQ book about all the products, how they improve sound quality, how they are used and so on. With Vertex, the starting place is invariably mains products and supports, and of course upgrading is normally done in stages, a few products at a time. The obvious question at the beginning is, ‘where do I put my new items for best effect?’

So lets say as an example, the customer’s first purchase is 2 mains leads and 2 platforms. We do […]

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Single-ended or balanced?

One of the significant decisions that confronts all of us sometime during our hifi upgrade journey, is the choice between a single-ended or balanced configuration.

There is a long history of supposed pros and cons for both systems, some based in truth, and some in myth. Probably the most significant misunderstanding with this topic is that its just a choice issue between single-ended or balanced interconnect leads – whereas in truth (for hi-fi), its more about the use of one or other of these configurations throughout large sections of a system, such as a single-ended or balanced amplifier topology for example. […]

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