Systematic Approach

Volume Stability

How your system responds to the volume control is a very clear indicator of it’s stability in terms of systematic interaction.

Roraima mains leads – key for improving system volume stability

If a system has no significant protection against microphony and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), then it’s really not going to perform well generally. One of the major characteristics of a system in such a condition is that it will have a poor response to different volume settings. At low volume the system sounds weak and flat, there is not much tonal expression, rhythm or musical involvement. At this low level, the […]

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Using Multiple Jayas

Right from the early days in Vertex history we always knew that using more than one Jaya mains filter in a system was a key aspect of the Systematic Approach. Lowering RFI at more than one point around your mains network has a hugely beneficial effect.

You would normally start on the path of Vertex upgrades with maybe one Jaya, as well as perhaps a couple of Roraima mains leads say. This combination is going to bring a significant reduction in both RFI and microphony within the power supplies of the systems components, bringing a significant increase in performance. With your […]

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Upgrading to HiRez

The question of when to upgrade to HiRez components is an important one that is dependent on several significant factors. Performance and value for money always remain key targets of course, and we need to make sure we don’t get this aspect wrong because of an incorrect upgrade strategy. A fundamental guiding mantra must always be ‘find and fix the system faults’, rather than geting fixated on the last good Vertex upgrade – and wanting to upgrade that item to the next level. And also of course, ensuring that (more or less), we stick to the upgrading order – mains, […]

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Systematic Approach – General

For many years now, we have used the expression ‘Systematic Approach’. We use it in discussion with customers and dealers, with the press, at hi-fi shows, and so on. But what are we talking about?

Well, the Systematic Approach is a unified way of thinking. It means we consider all the influences on hi-fi performance in an integrated and balanced way. And to do this we need to have real breadth of information, not just a partial story based around individual components. The Systematic Approach draws together the views that a system is both a set of discrete components and a […]

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