LeadingEdge Panels in Difficult Rooms

More and more of our customers are following the ‘Systematic Approach’ right into the domain of their room acoustics. Many people have now installed sets of LeadingEdge acoustic panels with fantastic results.

Big square or rectangular rooms can be treated easily of course, but what about more problematic shapes? Well (with the help of our dealers) customers with difficult rooms are finding great ways to solve acoustics problems. Ways that are stylish and aesthetically acceptable for everyone in the house, but that also solve the specific acoustic issues that such shapes always had before.

Indeed, customer’s who previously felt that their […]

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The Aletheia dac-1 – Unsung Hero?

This week HIFICRITIC launched their new website and it looks great.

We’ve worked for many Years with Paul Messenger, who has written many reviews about Vertex AQ and also invested a fair wedge of his own money in our products. And Martin Colloms has followed us for many years, listening very intently to our products too.

When the Aletheia dac-1 went to Critic for review, Paul did the writeup. At the time he was telling all and sundry how smitten he was with the dac-1, but we also knew by comments on the Critic forum that Martin also really liked it. […]

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LeadingEdge mini-panels with a turntable!

Over the recent weeks at The Right Note in Bath, GB, there have been several demo sessions for customer’s interested in the Spiral Groove turntable. And whenever Demos are carried out at The Right Note, there’s always a complete complement of Vertex AQ and LeadingEdge equipment used in the setup.

Now, if a customer comes along for a turntable demo, he might not be that familiar with some of the Vertex and LeadingEdge products and techniques, and this was the case a couple of times recently. Sure, the customers knew about our brands in general terms, the need for good […]

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Equipment Design – Complexity Or Simplicity?

Over the many years I’ve been in this business, I have always made it one of my tasks to study all the different types of approaches, technologies and design philosophies we find in hi-fi products.

When I look at some high-end designs I find they are very complex and at various points in recent history I have spend a lot of time listening to such devices. Of course, I always optimise the system to get the most out of it (with lots of Vertex), but what I usually find in the end, when I have spent many days going through all […]

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Brilliant Picos Raise Big Questions

The Pico Component Grounding Block (CGB) has been a huge success since its launch in November 2013. Already, many happy customers have been thrilled by the improvements one or more CGBs have brought to their systems. But how they produce such big changes to sound quality raises some serious issues about hi-fi component engineering, system building and indeed our understanding and perceptions about the theories and design priorities for hi-fi – from the bottom up!

First I’ll go over the background again, how Pico CGBs are used and how they work.

The Pico CGB has two RCA input sockets […]

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Thought I’d write a piece about my long-term battle with transformers. And I don’t mean cars that turn into robots.

Transformers, particularly mains transformers, are a ‘systematic faults’ nightmare – if you’re not careful.

In the early days of Vertex, one of the first things we learned was the relationship between sound quality from a system and the amount of acoustic absorption in that system’s mains loom. Increase the acoustic absorption and sound quality always got better. This principle is one of the main features in the systematic approach.

But why did we hear such an improvement? We knew that […]

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Speakers In Corners – Or Not (free upgrade!)

It’s always a significant decision. Where do you put your speakers? There are domestic issues and sound quality issues to consider. And sure, it’s always going to be a compromise.

Elsewhere in this blog we have discussed the symmetry and accuracy issues of speaker positioning. But recently I saw a very simple and effective demo by Jeremy Baldwin of The Right Note, as he explained to a audience at a show a simple way to appreciate what can happen to the tonality of your systems sound if you put your speakers right into the corners of your listening room. […]

Time Domain Measurement

Update on the Time Domain Measurement Project

Back in 2008 we started a collaborative project with Nordost and Acuity Products to look at the possibility of new ways to measure hifi. Through 2010 and 2011 a considerable amount of work was done by myself and Dr Gareth Humphreys-Jones of Acuity Products. Over the last couple of years however, work on the project has been suspended. Whilst the results of the work is incredibly insightful, it was also very clear that to turn the software algorithms created by Gareth into an end-user friendly tool would require a large financial investment. And in […]

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