New Vertex AQ Dealer – Adair Acoustic

We are very pleased to announce a new central London dealer – Adair Acoustic. They will be covering all the Vertex AQ, Aletheia and JSA products, as well as our sister brand, LeadingEdge.

We’ve been working behind the scenes with Adair Acoustic for some six months now, helping them to prepare for their launch. They have stock of Vertex AQ equipment for demonstration, and have treated the listening area with four LeadingEdge acoustic panels, to great effect.


What’s very significant here is that proprietor Chris Adair has been remarkably clear in his aims for his business. Central to this is the customer-base he is focussing on – he’s concentrating on those customers who’s lifestyle and work revolves around inner-city living, and who’s requirements therefore will be in high-quality desktop hi-fi and smaller hi-fi systems for studios and apartments.

But sound quality is paramount for Chris. From his years of experience in this business, he’s very aware that system optimisation is generally so poorly done that many customers end up with bad sound from potentially competent systems, and they don’t get the best all round advice to ensure that their investment delivers the sound quality they deserve. So Chris is making system optimisation a central feature of his ‘customer service’ strategy.

Location and Environment

The store location is simply excellent, right in the centre of London, on Clerkenwell road. Close to Farringdon and Barbican tube stations, Adair Acoustic is ideally placed to serve both the West End and the City. Interestingly, whilst Farringdon is currently a standard tube station and small main-line station, it’s soon to become London’s largest ‘infrastructure station’, as the central hub joining the new Crossrail and Thameslink programmes.

The environment Chris is setting up in the shop is important too. Situated on the second floor the premises is much like a typical London apartment, overlooking the city scene. Well laid out and comfortably furnished, there are areas where customers can sit down in an ‘office’ if they want to look at desk-top audio and head-fi equipment, and a studio style lounge area to listen to larger hi-fi systems.


An ‘office’ environment for desk-top hi-fi and headphones


A comfortable lounge area for bigger systems and speaker demonstrations

Desktop hi-fi and Headphones

Customers can sit down at a desk to listen to a very comprehensive range of desk-top solutions, at varying price levels. And these are all ‘proper little systems’ which will bring much more musical satisfaction than any high-street or online brands. And they do have the Vertex JSA headphone conditioners on demonstration, to really maximise the listening experience.


Plenty of headphones to sample

Performance Optimisation

For both the desk-top and larger hi-fi systems, the aim is to provide products and in-depth advice for proper system building. Chris holds a good range of mid and high-end electronics and speakers, but he’s deliberately not ‘over-stocked’ or gone for behemoths that nobody can sensibly accommodate. This enables him to bring into the mix brands like Vertex AQ and LeadingEdge – and not just as an afterthought. This approach takes away the pressure to sell large quantities of big boxes, and instead leaves scope to educate customers about good system setup and proper, balanced investment into infrastructure components.

Chris has in stock a range of the key Vertex components and you can hear a full demonstration in his showroom, or he can bring them to you for you to test in your own system. By doing this you’ll bring massive improvements to the performance of the system you currently own, and avoid huge problems later on when you start upgrading your main components and speakers, because you won’t be continually disappointed that the new gear doesn’t live up to expectations. Sort out the system infrastructure and newer and better boxes will have a chance to reveal what they are really capable of!

And you can get great advice about room acoustics too. Chris has treated his listening room with LeadingEdge panels so you can sit and hear their effect (they are removable), and discuss how you might treat your own room for significant gains in sound quality and listening comfort.

Meet the Team


From left to right – Jani Dunne, Marketing and PR, Chris Adair, Proprietor and Lewis Prince, Showroom Manager

Contact Details

Adair Acoustic
Second Floor
64 Clerkenwell Road

Tel:+44 (0)20 7253 2326