May 2015 – Bebop hifi, A New Dealer In Norway

We have been working for quite a while now with Bebop HiFi in Norway. It takes some time to find a good new dealer in a new country, someone who wants to work with us and start to understand the brand, and slowly discover what the products are capable of. So a fiew pieces of Vertex gear have been going across to Norway, and listening tests have been underway.

Then, as with any good dealer, the guys at Bebop also involved some of their close customers in the experimenting and listening. They swapped bits around, talked about the results and read the Systematic Approach. And they emailed us with lots of questions – excellent!

And now they are getting results and customers have started buying.

Another good thing about Bebop we think, is as well as stocking Vertex AQ, they have some really well chosen brands of components to go with it. They have not taken on too many but just some of the best for the different tastes of customers. They have good valve equipment with brands like Mastersound which we particularly like, or the equally impressive solid state equipment from Jeff Rowland.

But with speakers of course, we should mention that Bebop stock Kaiser Kawero, which of course all incorporate some of our technology from Vertex AQ. Indeed, we think that Bebop hifi now have the capability to put together some truly astonishing world-class systems. Honestly, put some of those components with Vertex AQ accessories and Kawero speakers, and as we say in the UK, it’ll be one hell of a ride!

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