June 2014 – A New Vertex Dealer In Norfolk

For quite a while now, a rather good thing has been going on in the depths of the Norfolk countryside. It’s a unique combination of superb food, good hi-fi and sound business sense.

crawfish with logo

Winters Audio is now official, and it’s the hi-fi business of someone we’ve known for years, who goes far and wide by the name of ‘Ob’. Now Ob has a sound business head on his shoulders (not always apparent with some people in this line of work). Before formally launching Winters Audio, and committing to buying lots of new start-up stock without a customer in sight, Ob has built up his hi-fi clientele. He’s been attending shows, studying the brands he’s been interested in and trading in second hand stock – so he’s already solving customer’s needs by delivering knowledge, support and real improvements to people’s systems.

So Winters Audio is now formally taking on a selection of high-end brands (see their website, link below) – and that includes Vertex AQ of course. Ob has used Vertex products for many years and he has an Aletheia dac-1 in permanent residence. He’s studied all the theories and listened to the results, experimented with system setup and system synergy, and tried the approach out on friends and trusted hi-fi customer’s alike. The outcome of all this is that he always gets consistently great sounds in his and other people’s systems – musical results that truly satisfy.

But there is an extra bit of news to tell you, one that surely must make you want to call Winters Audio and arrange a visit – because how many hi-fi dealers do you know that have their own Thai restaurant and real ale pub? Thats right, Winters audio is also the Crawfish Inn – the family business which feeds and entertains both the locals and many who travel from afar for the fantastic Thai food and real ale that the Crawfish serves up.

Interested? Give Ob a call.

Contact Details

Winters Audio, Crawfish Inn, Holt Road,
Thursford, Norfolk, NR21 0BJ, GB
TEL: +44 (0)1328 878313
web: www.wintersaudio.co.uk
email: crawfish@tiscali.co.uk