Welcome to our Help Blog.

Blogs are a great way to gather and discuss information and ideas. A blog keeps all this information in one place and can order it both historically and in categories for easy reference. And it’s not just the information we post – your comments to posts are fantastic feedback and knowledge for us all to benefit from.

Your replies don’t have to be just queries. You can add comments about your experiences with our products, discuss the systematic approach, sound quality issues, anything really thats useful and relevent.

When you first come to the blog, with a burning question perhaps, we suggest you first look at the categories. You may find here a category that will likely include the topic you are interested in. In that category you will find a range of posts, and one of those may be close to your question, or may even answer it. Or it might be that a thread of comments about that post may answer your question.

Of course you can also use the search function.

If the posts and comments don’t answer your question then you can do one of two things:

  1. Add a comment with your question to a post thread that is in the topic area you are interested in.
  2. If there is not an obvious topic area for your question then raise your question as a comment against the New Topics post.

Either way your comments and questions will be seen by us and you will get a response. If you started in the right area then the answers to you question can just run on in that comment thread, and we’ll answer it there. If you have raised a new question, under New Topics, we’ll take a look at it and may raise a new post citing your question as the starting point for that new topic.

Free Upgrades!

Take a look at the posts in this category. They contain free performance enhancing tips that will help you understand the systematic approach, and improve the sound quality of your system to boot.

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