The HiRez Taga

The HiRez Taga is fundamentally the same topology and build layout as the standard Taga, but it has the following extra features:

– Solid-core, Teflon insulated silver wire for the main power feed from the inlet socket to the outlet sockets.

– Our enhanced acoustic absorption labyrinths.

– A combination of techniques to absorb/prevent pickup of radiated EMI for both the power lead and the filter circuit itself.

– Fitted with the excellent Synergistic Research fuse (filter fault protection).

– High quality gunmetal anodized finish.

Now, about the HiRez Taga as a piece of hifi. Firstly, this is not a cheap distribution block – far from it. For a start, there is actually about 15 metres of solid-core silver wire inside one! But the main components inside are a HiRez Roraima module and a HiRez Jaya module. Both of these contain the best of our technology for the reduction of RFI and broadband acoustic vibration. To further control vibration, the casework is extensively damped with the application of an enhanced acoustic labyrinth system.

High-End System Context

When used in a high-end system context, and one which does not have any significant systematic limitations elsewhere (ie. probably a considerable sprinkling of other Vertex products), the HiRez Taga is a real star. Because there is so much Vertex technology right at the hub of your mains, the performance improvement attributes are right across the board. Everything from grip, drive and pace, through to delicacy, transparency and imaging are in a different league. And as a result, your listening experience becomes one of total immersion in the recording event and a new emotional connection to your favorite artists, bands and composers.

hires taga closeup 1HiRez Taga Endplate