Hybrid Mini Moncayo Links

The Hybrid Mini Moncayo links are a new product that came about by customer request. A few people who were moving along the upgrade path were looking for something to better the performance of the standard links – if that was possible? So we did some experiments with making links in the same sort of format as the Silver Moncayo speaker leads, and the HiRez Moncayo speaker leads. When we did this, the first thing that was apparent is that because of the small modules on the links, you can’t really get the true complexity of the HiRez acoustic labyrinth in there, but you can do it better than in the standard links. Also, because the links are short, it does not cost too much more to put the EMI absorptive tubing on them, giving them a very worthwhile lift in performance from the ‘silver’ level. So we thought it was clearly best to have a bit of everything in these links. And this we confirmed with listening tests – the hybrid links were a great cost/performance product and there was clearly no need to have separate Silver and HiRez versions.

So, with the same physical format as the standard links, these hybrid links contain most of the technology found in the HiRez components. These links employ 3 x 1mm solid core silver conductors, rather than the silver-plated copper in the standard links. They also contain in the modules some of (not enough space for all the technology) the HiRes EMI and acoustic absorption technology. The conductors are also sleeved with the EMI absorbent tubing.

The Hybrid Mini Moncayo links are a better match to the Silver and HiRez Moncayo speaker leads. By using as much of the HiRez technology as we could squeeze in, and using the silver conductors, they offer a significant performance improvement over the standard links.