Over the recent weeks at The Right Note in Bath, GB, there have been several demo sessions for customer’s interested in the Spiral Groove turntable. And whenever Demos are carried out at The Right Note, there’s always a complete complement of Vertex AQ and LeadingEdge equipment used in the setup.

Now, if a customer comes along for a turntable demo, he might not be that familiar with some of the Vertex and LeadingEdge products and techniques, and this was the case a couple of times recently. Sure, the customers knew about our brands in general terms, the need for good supports and mains, and so-on, but not everyone is so familiar with the benefits of things like the LeadingEdge mini-panels.

The mini-panels are designed to be used with the LeadingEdge rack system, but also as stand-alone upgrades to existing setups. They are constructed of two back-to-back micro-perforation acoustic panels with a layer of EMI absorption sheet sandwiched in the middle. The micro-perforation acoustic panels are exactly the same as the structures used on the much larger LeadingEdge acoustic panels used for room acoustic treatment.

The mini-panels use the principles of aerodynamic drag to slow down air particle motion over their surface, thus sucking sound energy out of the air around them. If you use two or more positioned around a hi-fi component you lower the sound energy hitting that component. And the EMI layer lowers the EM field around the component too.

Alright you might say, interesting theory but how much real-world effect does it have on anything? Well, according to those customers who heard the differences when the panels were placed either side of the Spiral Groove, it’s an astonishing improvement!

If you want to find out more about the benefits of the mini-panels when used like this then please contact one of the Vertex dealers to discuss. You might just find this is a very exciting, cost effective and unexpected upgrade possibility.

Spiral Groove and Mini-Panels

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