More and more of our customers are following the ‘Systematic Approach’ right into the domain of their room acoustics. Many people have now installed sets of LeadingEdge acoustic panels with fantastic results.

Ceiling panel

Big square or rectangular rooms can be treated easily of course, but what about more problematic shapes? Well (with the help of our dealers) customers with difficult rooms are finding great ways to solve acoustics problems. Ways that are stylish and aesthetically acceptable for everyone in the house, but that also solve the specific acoustic issues that such shapes always had before.

Indeed, customer’s who previously felt that their precious music system would be forever hampered by strange suck-outs or an unbalanced soundstage are blown away with the results.

In the picture you can see a customer installation in a very tricky setup. With an ‘L’ shaped room and a central intrusive stairway with stairwell above, he felt that he would always be stuck with significant acoustic limitations. But with just one LeadingEdge panel, a ceiling mounting kit and some work to fit flush lighting, he’s now got a solution with looks that are in keeping with the room aesthetics, and a musical dividend that he never thought was possible.

Apparently some specific bass anomalies have been reduced considerably and the imaging is now far more even to the left and right. Furthermore he is benefiting from the improved focus, inner detail and timing that always comes with the LeadingEdge panels. He’s very happy indeed, and now considering adding a second panel on the far side of the stairs to bring even further benefits.

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