About LeadingEdge

LeadingEdge is the brand name for a range of products designed and manufactured jointly by Kaiser GmbH of Germany, and Vertex AQ. Back in 2011, Vertex AQ and Kaiser started a technology sharing arrangement for the development of some aspects of the Kaiser loudspeakers. But soon the companies agreed that the combination of skills within the companies could be used to develop and manufacture a great range of hi-fi support products and room treatment devices. And so the LeadingEdge concept was born.

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At Vertex AQ we had already developed and perfected our methods of acoustic impedance matching to drain structural vibration, and how to break the vibration down using complex labyrinths (destructive interference). And we had also developed various processes to breakdown RFI and absorb local electromagnet fields to reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). And of course we had also built up an extensive philosophy around the problems of interactive hi-fi faults, and their solutions, under our Systematic Approach heading.

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We have been running a dedicated LeadingEdge website for the brand but we have decided to close that down. We now plan to use the Kaiser website and the Vertex website jointly to promote the line. The Kaiser site will have all the lovely big pics of the factory and talk about the craftsmanship etc, and here on the Vertex AQ website will go into the science, performance and setup requirements, and develop the Systematic Approach to incorporate all the equipment support and room acoustic arguments.

So in this LeadingEdge section we will be building up more content over the next few months (summer/autumn 2014). For now we have some of the key content for the brand available through the menu to the right.