The links are terminated with a WBT banana connector at one end and WBT spade at the other, which allows for simple configuration with your speaker lead terminations on most types of binding posts. The length of cable used allows the links to be bent around to engage with binding posts that are close together, and the wire is stiff enough to safely support the modest weight of the acoustic absorption modules.


The mini-moncayo speaker links are compatible with all types of speakers. They are totally passive – in electrical terms at audio frequencies, they are simply a straight-through conductor.

Specification Table

TypeConductorLength/module size mm (LWH)Acoustic AbsorptionEMI AbsorptionConnectorsFinish
standard mini moncayoSPOFC/PTFE0.5m/80x60x30standardnoWBT copper g-p spades and bananasgrey braid/silver box
hybrid mini moncayo3 strands solid core 4n silver/Teflon0.5m/80x60x30partial enhancedyesWBT copper g-p spades and bananasblack and silverline braid/silver box


SPOFC = Silver-Plated Oxygen Free Copper, PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene, s-p = silver-plated, g-p = golf-plated, n-p = nickel-plated