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Reviews can form a useful source of information about a product’s performance and value for money. The reviewers and publications we work with are the best in the business and these guys go to great lengths to understand our products and our strategies. They explain in great detail the technology, the products and how to use them in a system context.

Reading reviews should be done in conjunction with advice from your dealers, plus your own knowledge, experience and by actually listening to the products. And you should compare our products with any other brands out there, remembering of course that it’s not really about comparing single specific products anyway, but solving your system problems. So it’s the Systematic Approach that is really what we’re all about – and that, in our view, works better than any other strategy for system building.

Reviews By Paul Rigby – And Latest Review Aug 2017

Paul Rigby has now published six reviews on Vertex AQ in total. The latest is a fabulous review of the HiRez Balanced Taga. The Vertex reviews are part of a full process of applying the Systematic Approach to Paul’s system. And we’re taking our time and explaining the process and effects as we go along, just like any of our dealers’ would with a customer. None of those quick in-out, A/B comparisons, but plenty of time to experiment and adjust the system to the improving operating conditions.

And, as everyone finds out once they start out on this approach, Paul has taken the sound of his system way beyond where it was at the start. But perhaps even more importantly, he has started to identify and understand the big system interaction issues such as the relationship between gain settings (on phono stage and pre) and dynamic stability, and proper phase accuracy, imaging and speaker positioning. Fascinating stuff.

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Reviews in Hi>Fi+

We have worked with Hi>Fi+ for over fifteen years. They have reviewed almost every product we have developed. All of their more recent reviews are listed on the right. They have also, on many occasions, used vertex equipment in their own demonstrations at hifi shows. We think that demonstrates their high degree of confidence in our work!

Reviews in HiFiStatement

German online hifi magazine HiFiStatement has published two reviews about us in 2015; one is about the LeadingEdge Support Platform and the second about Vertex mains products. The reviews by Jürgen Saile (written in German), covers very comprehensively the design background and technical content of the products and the sound quality improvements that they brought to his system. The HiFi Statement reviews are listed on the right.

Apr 2016 – Latest review in Hi>Fi Plus

The latest issue (134) of Hi>Fi Plus has a review of our Aneto mains DC blockers. Alan Sircom was very happy with it both as a stand alone item and also as a logical entry point into the whole Vertex Systematic Approach. Click here to see what he has to say.

March 2016 – Review on Taiwan website, U-Audio

Following the establishment of our latest dealership, Madison Audio in Taiwan, we have just seen our first Taiwan review. Online hifi magazine U-Audio has published a review on the Jaya and Pico components. It’s a good review, written in Chinese of course!

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