Standard Mini-Moncayo Speaker Links

There are three really good reasons why the standard Mini Moncayos should be seriously considered.

– If you are looking for some great improvements in your system, but are not planning to change any of the major components, or any of your main sets of cables, then using a standard set of Mini Moncayo links is a very cost effective upgrade indeed. They will give you an instant and significant improvement in musical performance – a performance that was always there in your speakers, but was  being thrown away by the microphony effects between the binding posts.

– If you are planning a bigger upgrade (along the lines of the Systematic Approach) you might be considering acquiring a set of Moncayo Speaker leads. If you are, and you have a set of bi-wireable speakers, you will need to consider whether to choose a single-wire or bi-wire set, and of course a bi-wire set (particularly a long one) will be more costly. But a single wire Moncayo speaker lead and a set of Mini-Moncayo links is a great alternative option, giving lots of performance for a bit less on the budget.

– If you are planning a broader upgrade purchase, one where you want to logically spread a budget over many items in order to get a good ‘dose’ of the Systematic Approach through your system, you might include a set of links. For example, you might go for LeadingEdge platforms under your electronics, Roraima mains leads, a Taga distribution block and a second Jaya. But you are not planning to upgrade your signal leads yet but you are very mindful that your speakers are only using the pressed brass links, and you have a little left in your budget. Well, it would be perfect to add the links at this stage – the combination of all those items is going to give an absolutely huge performance lift.

Materials and Quality

The standard Mini Moncayo links incorporate the same quality level of materials and technology as the standard Moncayo speaker leads. And because of this, they are an ideal accompaniment to a set of standard Moncayos. The conductors are silver-plated oxygen free copper with PTFE insulation. The modules house our standard type of acoustic absorption labyrinth.

complete mini moncayos

The acoustic absorption labyrinth is the key to the performance of the links. The stiff conductors used are deliberately chosen because they are a good acoustic conductor. using these conductors allows acoustics to pass from the binding posts and into the modules, where it can be broken down. This lowers the levels of acoustic energy in the speaker wiring and crossover components. The principle is exactly the same as placing a CD player on an acoustic platform with a coupling cone – the vibration will go down the path of hard material and then we can deal with it in the labyrinth of the platform – or in the module of the link!