Received direct 18 May 2015

Good morning,

I have recently purchased the following Vertex products:
1. A Standard Jaya, now plugged into a spare mains socket.
2. A Pico Component Grounding Block, plugged into the spare ‘tape out’ sockets on my amp.
3. A pair of Pico Binding Post Grounding Blocks on the speakers.

Well, since installing them I have enjoyed a great deal of pleasurable listening. To give you an example, over the last weekend I played a favourite old LP of mine – Benny Goodman, 1938, ‘Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert’, in mono. For the first time ever the drummer, Gene Krupa, was actually in his correct position at the back of the band and sounding terrific. Previously he dominated the whole sound stage.

Thank you Vertex AQ,

Brian S

PS. I did not attend the original concert!

Received direct 27 Feb 2015

Good morning Gary and Steve (Audio Emotion/Vertex AQ)

I’ve just got up after hitting the hay at 4.15 am last night. Of course, I was up all that time listening to the improvements brought by the HiRez Aneto. I expected an upgrade, that’s only reasonable since it’s the ‘V’ word, but I did not expect the considerable change in almost every aspect of sound. Projection of the whole scene – three dimensional listening more than EVER before. Balance of all instruments interacting with each other. A bass which makes you want to follow it more but yet it’s not overpowering anything else. Chet’s guitar, Nat, Ella, it goes on. With Ella’s “Let No Man Write My Epitaph” which is still among my top 5 CD’s, ‘it’ has changed! A piano played by one of the top three accompanists and the Queen of Song herself just doing what she does best – intimate singing. Both are more ‘there’ and having authority as they produce their magic. I sat riveted and that only happens when the magic is doing its seductive work.Yes, I thought it might ‘make a difference’ even to that supremely well recorded and transferred CD. I did not think it would almost renew the magic.

Again, I DID expect an upgrade of course. I thought maybe 10/15% but I’d say for starters double that. Vertex say it needs about two weeks burn in so it will be wonderful to think what it will be doing from March.

So, to summarise my thoughts at the moment. No audiophile who already has “real deal” gear, should be without the Aneto. And even with considerable Vertex already in place, this is adding something very, very special indeed.


Customer in Scotland

Received direct 29 Sep 2014

I have a pair of HiRez Moncayo speaker leads in my system at the moment, that I borrowed from a friend. Good grief! What a phenomenal difference. Suddenly I am in the midst of… well… what I regard as perfection! There’s absolutely no going back. Night and day difference. But what to do…? Because when I swop back my old cables (which ’til then I loved) they are hopeless by comparison. And I haven’t even got the Pico grounding blocks in yet, or a HiRez Taga! Elford and Cheadle are genius. Genius!!!

Richard S

Received direct 15 Sep 2014

Giles, who already uses some Vertex components, has just acquired a used set of mini-moncayo speaker links – which are clearly delivering good results.

Dear Vertex AQ

My setup is benefitting from a modest amount of Vertex: Silver Jaya, a Standard and a Silver Roraima, Pico Component Grounding block, and now the links. I’m always impressed with the additional musicality each additional Vertex component frees from my existing system.

I’ve a pair of Sonus Faber Signum. A pair of the speaker top Picos that Jeremy (The Right Note) leant me some years ago after his demo at Whittlebury Hall made quite a difference to their performance (so they’re quite lively with structural acoustic energy I guess). And I’d heard from Audio Emotion that the mini-moncayo links worked well on Sonus Faber Guarneri. So when I just happened to see the links on sale s/h last week, I grabbed them and they arrived today – well, an immediate reduction in noise floor and what I’d taken to be a room interaction problem turned out to be the speakers. Interestingly, integration with the sub has improved markedly. As usual everything sounds ‘calmer’ and more controlled with better musical nuance due to improved micro-dynamic resolution, thus delivering a deeper, cleaner soundstage.

So, all the usual benefits of adding Vertex components in the right place. And this is with the standard links, so I imagine the hybrid version must be very special!

Cheers, Giles