Received via The Right Note 11 Nov 2013

After meeting with Jeremy Baldwin of the Right Note at the Whittlebury Show in September 2013, this is the result when this customer tries a Taga distribution block and a pair of Moncayo speaker lead extension blocks.

I was a bit sceptical about these but was blown away by the startling change they made to the sound of my system. With both the Taga and the Speaker Blocks connected, it sounded almost as if the electronics in the system had been by-passed and that I was listening right into the heart of recordings. The incremental effect of the Speaker Blocks wasn’t at all subtle, the sound being better in every respect. There’s no going back is there?

These Vertex products clearly demonstrate that the trick with hi-fi is getting it to work at its optimum performance. Based on my experience, the Taga and Speaker Blocks certainly go a long way toward achieving this.

Very Many Thanks, Roger