Update on the Time Domain Measurement Project

Back in 2008 we started a collaborative project with Nordost and Acuity Products to look at the possibility of new ways to measure hifi. Through 2010 and 2011 a considerable amount of work was done by myself and Dr Gareth Humphreys-Jones of Acuity Products. Over the last couple of years however, work on the project has been suspended. Whilst the results of the work is incredibly insightful, it was also very clear that to turn the software algorithms created by Gareth into an end-user friendly tool would require a large financial investment. And in the financial climate of the last two years, all parties agreed the investment risk was too high.

However, the work is clearly very valuable, and many people are still interested in the progress we had made, so perhaps now is a good time to start up the discussion again.

At the peak of the project, Gareth and I presented the material at several hi-fi shows, and wrote a paper too. Here is that original paper again now, for those interested to read it. Knowledge Alliance Briefing Paper – Feb 2011

The time domain measurement work also influenced our design thinking here at Vertex AQ. Being able to see the results of microphony errors, and how our technology could reduce those errors as measured by Gareth meant we could correlate what we heard with the measurements and go on improving our designs further, gaining more and more in our listening tests.I will now start to raise questions about the work with Acuity Products, and see just what could be done to perhaps move forward again.I will also start a proper scientific section on the website, to cover this and other topics in greater detail.

I’ll keep you posted on progress!

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