Ultar Balanced Headphone Conditioner

The Ultar balanced headphone conditioner is designed with high-end headphones in mind. And whilst focussed on balanced operation, it is also configured with an additional single-ended ‘path’. The main difference over our single-ended only conditioner though is that this product contains two totally separate large acoustic labyrinths, one for the left channel and one for the right channel. This doubles the overall amount of acoustic drainage on the feed to your headphones, and with each channel drained separately, offers even more channel separation and image spaciousness.

All wiring is solid-core silver with unbleached cotton insulation and both of the acoustic modules are constructed with our most advanced acoustic labyrinths. The modules also contain all of our latest EMI and RFI absorption techniques. In addition, the internal wiring is sleeved with our proprietary EMI absorbent tubing.

Ultar full oblique 1 small

Ultar endplate closeup small

Simply use an extra headphone lead, or for additional performance use matching Vertex AQ balanced lead or jack lead (sold separately) and feed your audio from your headphone amp into one socket and connect your ‘phones into the other socket. The unit just sits in-line with your feed from your amp. And remember, the unit is completely passive, there is no electrical filtering or alteration of the musical signal at all – the wiring travels unbroken from the input sockets to the output sockets through the acoustic modules. The only effect the unit is having is lowering vibration and RFI travelling between your headphone amp and the headphones!

Quite simply, the improvement in headphone performance using this product needs to be heard to be believed. Every element of sound quality, from timing to transparency, coherence to musicality is significantly better. Indeed, spend an evening or two with the Ultar conditioner in your headphone system and we seriously doubt you will ever be able to listen again without it!


dimensions 185mm x 132mm x 120mm (LxWxH)
weight 4Kgs
4 x rubber feet beneath