Ultar Headphone Conditioners

The Ultar headphone conditioners are passive devices that are packed full of the anti-RFI and anti-microphony technology that is the core of all the Vertex AQ lines, only here it’s specifically tailored for high-end headphone use.

There are two models in the lineup. The single-ended Ultar offers excellent performance improvements in an affordable package and is ideal for mid to high-end single ended headphone setups. The balanced Ultar offers considerably more performance and is designed specifically for high-end balanced headphone setups, although it does offer connection for single-ended headphones too. Both models are wired with solid-core silver and contain Vertex AQ’s enhanced acoustic absorption labyrinth, as well as all our RFI and EMI absorption techniques.

The boxes are a breeze to use – simply use an extra jack lead, or XLR leads, and feed the audio from your headphone amp into the Ultar conditioner, and connect your ‘phones into the appropriate output socket of the Ultar. Yes, the box just sits in-line with your feed from your amp. Performance improvements are substantial – the smaller single0ended only model brings a more solid performance, greater bandwidth, better timing plus improved space and detail. The Balanced Ultar drops the noise floor and distortion even further, bringing about additional gains in purity and transparency.

If you enjoy serious headphone listening you should contact your Vertex dealer to try one of these conditioners – we think you will find the improvements to sound quality quite impressive!

Ultar wide panel