Ultar Single-Ended Headphone Conditioner

Note: This product has been re-badged as a Vertex AQ component – the Ultar single-ended headphone conditioner. The photograph below shows this item with the old JSA label. This product is identical to what was previously called the JSA type two conditioner.

The passive headphone conditioner uses solid-core silver wiring with unbleached cotton insulation. Built within the box is one of our acoustic absorption structures, as well as our most advanced EMI and RFI absorption techniques. The internal wiring passes through this structure thus lowering the transmission of vibration in the conductor, and also the RFI noise floor within the signal to your headphones. The front panel has 2 standard 1/4 inch jack sockets for input and output.

JSA type 2

Simply use an extra jack lead, or the matching Vertex AQ jack lead (sold separately) and feed your audio from your headphone amp into one socket and connect your ‘phones into the other socket. The box just sits in-line with your feed from your amp. Timing is clearly more precise and there is a greater sense of scale and propulsive drive to the music. Clarity and presence is improved, as is transparency – bringing far greater insight of the tiniest details and nuances of recordings. Overall, there is a significant improvement in reality and emotional connection.


dimensions 220mm x 105mm x 45mm
weight 3Kgs
4 x rubber feet beneath
Can be supplied with an additional low-noise jack lead.