Building On Up

We have gone through the system steps in our scenario without talking about the different performance levels available in each of the vertex ranges. For example, all the cable products come in 3 performance options, Standard, Silver and HiRez.

In essence we have gone through the system so far, with the entry level components of each type, (though this does not mean they are necessarily cheap). The Taga distribution block is the highest value single item in this scenario and this is a logical investment because this component plays such a central role in any system and it will fit appropriately into a moderate cost system, all the way up to a pretty serious system that reaches well into high-end territory (and therefore is a very good long-term investment). 

When we start to consider introducing some higher performance Vertex AQ products, this is still an issue requiring considerable thought and advice from your dealer – its not a case of “job done – architectural thinking over, now I just keep upgrading my Vertex”. Because it would be correct to consider when you might upgrade electronics and speakers too – these items must now be included in the overall architectural debate!

The Different Conductors And Insulators

One of the main differentiators between the performance levels in the Vertex range is the conductor and insulator choice. Sometimes we find customer’s may not know all of the reasons why different conductors and insulators can make such a profound difference – particularly in mains leads and mains conditioners. But this difference is very significant in the Systematic Approach strategy, so it’s well worth going into some detail here to explain.

When considering an upgrade to the Silver Roraima mains leads it is important to understand the benefits and how to use those benefits, because they go hand-in-hand with the correct use of Jaya filters, Tagas and Aletheia PSUs.

In part 8 we discussed the reduction of system RFI, and using our system scenario we constructed a diagram showing representative RFI noise reduction as we built up our mains loom of Standard Roraimas, a Taga and two Jayas.

Where the higher cost Vertex components start to come in of course is when you are aiming to achieve a strong upper-mid performance to a true high-end result. Now, upgrading may take the form of replacing the cheaper Vertex items with more expensive ones, or going in at a higher level to start with if your system is already at quite a high level (potentially at least!). Please don’t worry or be put off here, your dealer will ensure you have all the opportunity you need to try out the items you are interested in, but always with one primary aim in sight – to ensure you are getting real value for money with the performance gains you are getting. But when you do move up the Vertex range, where the products start to include our enhanced acoustic absorption, EMI techniques and more esoteric materials, be assured that the gains are massive again! 

To go through all the permutations for the higher level products by continuing the scenario we have used here would be far too complex. Instead we carry this process on in the product description sections, where each product line is described in great detail and the performance benefits of each option is clearly described.