Illimani Digital Interconnects


HR Illimani

The Illimani digital interconnects are a range of high quality digital cables that allow digital equipment to benefit from the Vertex acoustic absorption, RFI and EMI technology. Whilst it might be obvious that the performance of analogue circuits are degraded when acoustic energy and RFI are present, its perhaps less clear that digital circuits suffer is a similar way – but in some respects they seem to suffer even worse than analogue circuits do.

Its useful to remember that its only the limitations of the human ear that deny our awareness of sonic frequencies over about 20kHz. In reality, sonics can go up and up in frequency, just like electronic signals do, and ‘ultrasonics’ are all around us (and often put to good use too. Ultrasonic medical scanners and ultrasonic crack detection equipment, for aircraft wing spars etc, are in use every day).

In the digital sections of our hi-fi, there is plenty of unwanted ultrasonics present. And this energy will affect our processing because digital electronic components (like their analogue counterparts) are microphonic. In particular, switch mode power supplies and clock oscillators produce background ultrasonics. If we drain some of that unwanted acoustic energy away, we get significant benefits in the resolution of digital data. Similarly, digital transmission formats have quite noisy Earths and some of them have power lines incorporated too (USB and Firewire). The RFI/EMI techniques applied to the HiRez Illimani cables makes a truly staggering improvement to digital multi-box front ends, including computer audio systems.

Note. These cables are available for all formats of digital data (S/PDIF, AES/EBU, USB, Firewire and BNC clock signals). We recommend that where possible you should keep the lengths of digital leads to 1.5m or less.