The Mini-Moncayo Speaker Links

If ever anyone wants a quick, but also quite shocking introduction into the terrible damage that unwanted acoustic energy does, then the Mini Moncayo links are the things to do just that. In a speaker system where any standard type of links (such as those pressed brass things, or a short piece of conventional cable) are being used, then just such damage is ever-present. The vibration energy being fed through conventional links into the other set of binding posts (both ways of course) creates significant intermodulation distortion. This distortion produces a very obvious ‘shouty’ harshness, robs detail and transparency and really reduces musicality and listenability. Its obvious, that is, when you replace the standard links with a set of Mini-Moncayos!

The key to such a significant difference is the use of our acoustic absorption technology on the links. Housed in small modules, this technology absorbs significant amounts of vibrational energy, thereby greatly reducing the intermodulation artifacts within the speaker system.

The Mini Moncayo speaker links are 0.5m long (sounds too long, but don’t worry, it isn’t). Mid- way along the length of each link is a small acoustic absorption module measuring 80mm x 60mm x 30mm. The links are terminated with a WBT banana connector at one end and WBT spade at the other, which allows for simple configuration with your speaker lead terminations on most types of binding posts. The length of cable used allows the links to be bent around to engage with binding posts that are close together, and the wire is stiff enough to safely support the modest weight of the acoustic absorption modules.

As we’ve already said, replacing standard links with a set of Mini Moncayo links is a significant upgrade – and they have made the same improvement on EVERY bi-wire or tri-wire speaker that we have ever used them on. But look at it another way – if you have invested a substantial sum of money on a good pair of bi-wire or tri-wire speakers and a single run of expensive speaker cable – and are using standard links, then you are probably throwing away 20-30% of that speaker and lead combination’s performance. Try a set of Mini Moncayos – you won’t be disappointed.

Vertex AQ Mini-Moncayo Speaker Links