The Vertex AQ Taga Distribution Blocks

The Vertex AQ distribution blocks are named Taga. We developed this mains filter/distribution unit for both practical and sonic benefits. When it comes to the requirements of wiring up the mains loom, most customers don’t have a full array of wall sockets from which to supply each component separately. So some form of distribution block is usually mandatory.

But of course, a distribution block gives us a great opportunity to deal with some systematic faults and thus deliver great performance improvements.

standard taga top view 1Standard Taga Distribution Block

The Tagas come in three versions; the Standard Taga, the HiRez Taga and the HiRez Balanced Taga. Construction is sturdy and somewhat larger than most distribution blocks – the standard and HiRez measure 360mm x 132mm x 120mm (LWH) and the HiRez Balanced measures 525mm x 132mm x 120mm (LWH). The Tagas have a high-quality IEC inlet, rather than the more common captive input lead, which allows customers the choice for this critical lead. Output is from a row of 6 sockets (UK 13A, Schuko or US).


The case is a very sturdy aluminium construction with extruded side panels, ‘slide-in’ top and bottom panels and nicely finished end plates which hold the whole structure securely together.

Dealing with RFI and Vibration

A distribution block is a very ‘central’ piece of equipment in a hi-fi system. It’s clear to see that it distributes the power from a single supply source (a mains socket) out to the system components via its output sockets. But from the ‘systematic approach’, we know there are two problematic issues to consider with conventional distribution blocks – they’re great at sharing RFI noise and mechanical vibration. So the Tagas are designed to include a lot of the Vertex technology to tackle these two problems.

All three Tagas deal with vibration with internal acoustic labyrinth modules. These modules break down the vibration that comes into the Taga down the mains cables from the wall socket, and the system equipment too. By reducing this vibration, microphony distortion is reduced and sound quality improves.

Each Taga also deals with RFI and EMI, using various levels of Vertex technology. The Standard Taga uses a high quality silver-wired shunt filter, the HiRez taga adds various passive EMI absorption techniques, and the HiRez Balanced Taga adds our custom-wound balanced transformer.

hires taga closeup 1HiRez Taga enplate showing input IEC, filter fuse and additional Earth binding post

Sound Quality

In our view the Taga distribution blocks all deliver exceptional value for money when it comes to sound quality. The Standard Taga is a great performer and is ideal as a starting point for systematic upgrading in a good mid-priced system. It brings improved drive, timing and transparency and noticeably lowers harshness. The HiRez Taga, with its addition of EMI absorption and silver wiring, adds more body and tonal colour, better imaging and separation. The HiRez Balanced Taga is a real high-end machine – It elevates the musicality of a system to truly staggering levels.