What Do We Mean By Hi-Fi Infrastructure.

1. The infrastructure of a hi-fi system is all those parts that sit outside the electronic boxes. So it includes the following:

  • All the mains components – mains cables, distribution blocks, power supplies, all the plugs and sockets and all your household wiring and the associated physical build of your household mains.
  • All your signal cables.
  • Your support furniture (note that the Vertex AQ Kinabalu platforms have been replaced by the even better LeadingEdge support equipment).
  • Your room layout and acoustics, and any room acoustic treatment that may be required.
  • Your music.
  • You!

2. The infrastructure of an electronic component. This is all those parts within the electronics boxes – all the sub-systems within the component such as:

  • The internal power supplies.
  • Analogue and digital processing sections.
  • Input and output circuitry.
  • Internal wiring.
  • Internal supporting structure.
  • Casework.

Infrastructure Thinking

It really is very important to try and break the habit of just thinking about the system’s main components, and not considering the whole infrastructure. If you just focus on the boxes you are at great risk of a poor system performance, and worse, a continuous cycle of changing components without achieving any real progress. A poor infrastructure will always be the limiting factor in any system.

And once a system has a good external infrastructure you will then be able to benefit further from components that are better designed and perhaps with the internal infrastructure considered too (like our Aletheia components). And when a system is equipped with the Vertex infrastructure components we often find that the main components are capable of far better performance than the owner ever suspected. So you may be wasting the investment you have already made in some excellent components, but you are hampered by serious systematic faults.